At Southern Seas we care passionately about giving customers good quality glasses at affordable prices. We do not believe that you should have to pay 100 Pounds (even it is a buy one get one free offer!) for a pair of glasses. We strive to provide the best eyecare at a very reasonable price, in doing so we pass on all of our savings to you, the customer.

The Bristol Distance Glasses


The Leeds Photochromic Grey Glasses


Berlin Distance Glasses (2 Pairs)

from £8.39

Brandon Distance Glasses


Bath Reading Glasses


Kent Tinted Distance Glasses


Kent Tinted Distance Glasses


The Blackpool Reading Glasses


Lancaster Photochromic Grey Glasses


The Sydney Folding Reader


Milton Photochromic Grey Glasses


Kent Computer Distance Glasses


The Kent Reading Glasses


The Bath Distance Glasses


Plymouth Tinted Brown Distance Glasses


The Wick Distance Glasses