£16.49 £31.98
  • The Durham photochromic Brown glasses are full frame oversize glasses, available in 4 great colours: black, gold, bronze and grey.
  • In common with all photochromic lenses, they are designed to protect the eyes in conditions of medium sunlight. If you need glasses that reduce glare, or are needed for use in conditions of intense sunglight (e.g. at the beach), please see our collection of sunglasses and sports glasses
  • Please kindly note these are not reading glasses! They are nearsighted, myopia distance glasses
  • Dimensions: Frame 14.2cm (5.6in) wide, arms 13.7cm (5.4in), lenses 5.1x4.2cm (2.0x1.6in)
  • metallic (28g)
  • Available in 23 minus strengths from -0.50 to -6.00
  • Acetate lenses and metal frame